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lame-o blame-o

8 Jul

i’ve been busy. it’s all i can say. i’ve been doing important things like watching weeds moving, sure, but couldn’t i fit a few minutes in to blog every now & again?

to be honest, no.

i’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by the packing, moving, unpacking (that is still not finished,) packing for our midwest trip & flying here that i haven’t even really sat down to think about blogging.

i’ve been hitting “mark all as read” on my reader.

and i feels really good.

so quickly, we’re in illinois this week, st. louis next & enjoying our family time. soaking up all the moments we can get until we see them next time.

so scared
she was scared to death of the street fireworks my sister let off

cousin love

my crew goes fishing
fishing at uncle john’s is always a favorite pasttime

found a quilt my great grandpa made. gorgeous.

pool fun has been had & catholic-turning is saturday.

and we’re letting the green humidity seep in to our bones.