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oh, my dolly, for you are 2

8 Aug

i have tears welling now as i sit to write to you, baby doll.

i have few words.

it seems that the wee baby has grown up so fast and i fear i can’t call you my baby anymore.

you, simply, make our world go ’round and ’round.
hello in there

and topsy turvy
look at her legs

you ‘glow up’* our lives
sparkles in her eyes

you’re a silly goose

and such a tease
where's jamison?

you’d fly away with your dreams, if we let you

but you always come back down to us
sweat beads

here’s to you, as you age again, before my eyes
hot chocolate

oh, sweet james, you’ll always be my baby.

*family term for let the light shine on it


new music monday xvi

9 Mar

in which i speak baby talk to my lass and murder the accompaniment to “somebody” by depeche mode. it’s one of my favorite songs, and i wanted to do it. so there.

the front door is in the background and you can see my diaper bag, gym bag, car seat, blankets, toys, and bench-full of undelivered girl scout cookies. nice.

no new music

2 Mar

miss james has an ear infection and is in PAIN.

she’s also lost a pound since january, so i’m freakin’ out a little over here.

be back tomorrow.


26 Feb

i can hardly believe she’s mine

tardy tunes tuesday

3 Feb

i wrote the first line after listening to the concrete blond version of dylan’s “simple twist of fate.” i misheard a line as “he woke up in a womanless bed” and went from there.

this is only the beginning and i just did it today.