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oh, what an unconscious morning

17 Feb

well, it’s been an interesting wednesday. just after waking up, jilly took her first bite of rice krispies and her already loose tooth disconnected even further and started bleeding. i grabbed a tissue to clean it and check it. before i could get near her mouth, she fell.

flat on her face.

right in front of me.

it was so fast, i couldn’t stop her. one minute she was up and looking at me & the next she was down.

once i realized what happened, i scooped her up and she immediately stiffened. we went to the couch & she opened her mouth. there was a gap in there.

a new gap.

not where the baby tooth was, but where her front adult tooth was.


her sister found a tooth on the ground, but it ended up being a different baby tooth, and not the one we were originally looking at wiggling. at least it was another baby tooth, right?

she asked to go to the bathroom, so i carried her to her daddy, who was already there getting ready for work. i ran to the other bathroom to grab the tylenol. halfway back to her, i had to get down on the ground and asked scout to take the tylenol to daddy.

and i promptly passed out on the kitchen floor.

i have no idea how long i was out, but it seemed like about 5 or 10 minutes. when i did finally get up, jilly was already in bed and aunt lou was on her way over to help out with the morning routine.

it was only 6:40 am, so i called the pediatricians after hours line and the dentist. the ped. nurse called back 25 minutes later and recommended we take her to the ER. daddyjay loaded her and her sister up, took scoutie to school and headed to the hospital. just after they left, the dentist called me and said they may need to seal the tooth section that was still left. it was a clean break right at the gum line and he was worried that the nerve may be exposed.

shortly after, i felt good enough to get up and have some coffee and toast. i looked around on the ground for the missing tooth since we didn’t see it earlier. i found it behind where she fell and popped it in a bag of ice, since the ER doc recommended we do that.

daddyjay and jilly came home from the ER after about an hour (which was really impressive timing for an emergency room visit) and she rested a bit before heading to the dentist at 9.

she had the tooth sealed by the orthodontist since the dentist wasn’t coming in until the afternoon. once he comes in today, he’s going to evaluate the tooth and decided how we’re going to move forward. it could go 50/50 whether he reattaches her tooth or a fake one.

poor thing can barely talk, is not interested in food, and is in total shock. although the ped. nurse was originally worried about a head injury or concussion, i was pretty sure she didn’t have anything of the sort since i watched her fall flat on her mouth.

and now i have to stop talking about it since i get woozy every time i think about it.

i’ll keep you posted.