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one last post

19 Sep

no, i’m not quitting.

i’ve just got my big girl blogging pants on and am self-hosted now.

you can find me at mommymae.com.

no more wordpress in that there address.

it’s like i’m a grown up, or something.

check it out. let me know what you think. change your bookmarks. change your readers.

and go look at miss maria. she’s the one that made me pretty.

i will blog here, no longer, so don’t come back. just go there.


badges of hotness

8 Oct

i was recently given the distinguished honor of being named a hot mama by hot dads. not only are they hot dads, but very intelligent dads for picking someone so smoking-hot as me.

here’s proof:


helping out annie

i hope all that sexy didn’t blow up their site.

and now that they have come to the zenith of hot-mama-badge-giving-outage i suppose they’ll have to close up shop anyway. ’cause how can you top this?


glad i could be of service.