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on you at 4

14 Apr

i feel like i said it all last year.

but i know it’s not true.

there’s so much more dimension to you, my boy. you’ve grown millions of facets in the last year.

from a boy who whined when it was a school day, to a boy who bounds off to class, nary a thought of his mama left at the door.

you’re a sweet thing who shared his birthday chocolate from kadri with his sisters & even saved a piece for miss james who was napping. nevermind, that it started out as big as a crayon and ended up resembling a chocolate chip when she got it.

you would live in jimmie-jams, if i’d let you.
pee pie

you think shoes are needless.

you’re an A+ goof ball.
he can fold his tongue sideways

but you’re serious about spelling everything with me.

you can read some words all by yourself.
all up in my grill

you’ve just started drawing real pictures, instead of scribble scrabble.

you can write your name.
practicing letters

you have a penchant for telling stories, like your daddy and especially love those about powderpuff, the bubble-blowing, marshmallow-scaled dragon.

you’re your baby sister’s biggest pal.
like an old married couple

you worship the ground the big girls walk on.

daddy is your favorite, and i understand. he’s my favorite, too.
kisses in the pool

you still my heart.

happy birthday to you, my lovely little man. i love you to bits.