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set in stone

3 Aug

*i wrote this yesterday, but part of it wasn’t saved on my phone so i had to finish it when i got home. while i like that way it turned out, i want you to know that i liked the first version better, but i’m rolling with the punches here.

a week from today, our summer break will officially end. school starts early here, y’all.

the girls are excited and a little bit nervous. they are, of course, sad to have left their friends, but we have full faith that they will make tons of new friends this year. they are both pretty friendly ladies once they crack their shells. and we know that having each other will help them immensely. we requested that they are in the same class & will find out this friday if they are together or not. i think it’s important that they are this year because of the move & how hard it has been on them.

i toured a preschool last week for the boy & really liked it. it’s the same place that our cousin, j-bone, went when he was a wee one. it’s a co-op, which means i spend one day every other week volunteering in the room. he’ll be there 3 days & home the other 2. little dude needs the socialization, methinks. and an extra benefit of the school is that a bunch of the kids who go there also go on to the girls’ school & the one that justice & jamison will eventually attend. AND i can walk. it’s 2 blocks away. score.

oh, my baby, miss james. she’ll be one. year. old. !!!! this saturday. more on her later this week, of course, but holy shit, how did she get to be so old?

we’ve been routineless & done a whole lot of nothing this summer. it’s been nice, our nothing summer, but as lovely as it has been, i will like getting back to the grind. having a schedule has its benefits for all of us. the girls need the extra push at school that i just can’t give them at home with 2 littles that need more attention than the big girls want to give up. i hope to fit in some more sewing (i have a few quilting bee blocks to do & have a super secret project i’m working on,) i really want to get back to new music monday (i have 3 projects underway for that,) & i really need to fit in some mii time (yes – that means we are getting a wii & wii fit.) things have been so up in the air since we’ve been here in arizona, a place i never truly thought i would live in again. i love it here, but haven’t found my groove. i’m hoping that when school starts & we meet more people, i can find my niche here, as well. i’ve said it before, but this job keeps me locked away from much of the world. i know i could do more to fix that, but it’s hard sometimes. hopefully, i can start to dig roots here, since i don’t see us going anywhere else. i’m happy with that. scratch that. i’m ecstatic about that.

arizona is home.

so now i’m hoping to finish getting settled, celebrate a glorious birthday & start the school year off right, but i know that plans change. at least i can roll with the punches pretty well & weather the change with grace because i truly know that nothing is ever set in stone.