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epiphanie bag crazy-awesome contest – updated with video

31 Mar

i just finished a silly little ditty about winning a contest from epiphanie bags.

they’re giving away $2500 in flights from southwest or a canon 5d mark ii.

i have no idea which i’d choose, but tend to say the airline money since we have a billion people in my house & our families live in the midwest.

and if they want to throw in one of their delicious camera bags, i wouldn’t complain.


a little sumthin’ sumthin’

12 Oct

so the lady-baby has been babbling a lot more & some of those sounds even turn into words. she also has a new motor skill every day. not only can she feed herself cereal from a bowl with a spoon, but she can dap. not sure if that is a regional thing to st. louis, but most others i know say “give me the fist,” “knuckles,” or “pound it.” it’s all the same & my lady can do it.

this video combines her 2 latest skills. saying banana & the dap. it’s short (39 seconds) and has some editing. i’m getting fancy with the imovie, yo.