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not quite done with any of it

21 Aug

i never did update the status of jilly’s tooth or the move because we’re really done with neither. her tooth is not quite done, but we are sooooooooo close and we promised ourselves we would finish the house this weekend after i called daddyjay in a fit about apologizing, for the last time, about the mess in the house.

jilly had her big surgery on july 27th and i after holding her hand while she drifted off to anaethesia-induced dreamland, i waited patiently in the waiting room cutting hexies while they helped my baby get better.

i was told afterward that her tooth had a load of infection in it, more than anticipated, and they got all the yuck out. mind you, she’d been on hard-core antibiotics for 2+ weeks and had started the third round of antibiotics the night before (with a side of diazepam.)

i was so very proud of her for being so calm beforehand. a year ago, i would have said that she was the last of my children that i would have wanted to have any major surgery. now? she can do anything. she was so very brave and i am so very proud of her.

all we’re waiting on now is the permanent crown that is being made by a lab to match the one she owns right next to it, as she currently has a temporary crown that looks loads better than the previous crown since it moved around a bit and gave her a janky smile.

almost there
current pretty smile

referrals: 6
root canals: 1 (take that, punk toof!)

also of note: the previous endodontist gave us $400 back from the root canal he didn’t finish. this was completely unexpected, but not unwanted. we were thrown a bit to think we had to pay for the procedure that wasn’t done. a happy day, indeed, that was.

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i’ll give you more of my house once we finish this weekend. none of it is presentable currently, so i’ll spare you. daddyjay and i are setting up the tv wirelessly & we have some guys taking the gazebo and hot tub out in the back (craigslist rulez!) as we speak. i suppose this means i’m not doing anything, but i’d just be in the way, wouldn’t i?


slow and low

29 Jun

writing a post from my phone is no fun, so this’ll be short.

we’ve been in the new house for 2 weeks now & i’m still surrounded by boxes in the office and the sewing/craft/toy room. and i have a few projects that need to get done. i’m making “we’re catholic now” dresses for my nieces (what? that’s not what it’s called?) as well as my quilting bee blocks that i owe 4 people. i have 1 done & it’ll go out tomorrow, but I have to finish the others. hopefully, before we leave town on sunday.

we’re flying out on the 4th to go to st. louis & mt. vernon (my hometown.) we hope to see everyone we love while there & will be leaving our vicious chickens to guard the house.

sunny blue & astrid are our second pair of chicks. they had been hanging out in a cardboard box for 3 weeks while we moved & built a coop (or ‘coo’ as the boy says.) today was their first full day out there & they survived, so we hope they don’t succumb to the heat. sadly, our first 2 chicks, taco and sparkle, flew the coop the day we move in. we didn’t have a roof on their enclosure & they popped up over the side and hopped the fence. sparkle ended up in the neighbor’s pool, but taco is just gone. i feel really badly about it, but i never imagined they’d go over. the kids know that they are gone, but we figure it’s better they don’t know sparkle was found in the drink.

the internet connection we have is horrible and i don’t have my external hard drives connected to the computer yet, so posts will remain light until i get that handled.

as is, my arms are falling asleep. i hope to get back to it when everything is in its place.

i don’t even wanna talk about it

17 Jun

we went to the endodontist to have him finish the root canal on jilly’s tooth today that he started 2 weeks ago.


he wouldn’t finish it.

she had a sedative (7.5 mg of diazepam to be exact) to calm her down, but he didn’t think she was calm enough. they took her back without me & started the novocaine, but only got so far as the first injection when he called it off. he thought she was going to have an anxiety attack.

looking back, i feel like i should have advocted to keep going, to let me go in with her, to do something to get it done today, but i didn’t want to be pushy. i didn’t want to seem like i didn’t care about her because i do, i do, i do.


now we have to go to yet another doctor for a pre-evaluation and then have an IV-sedated root canal.

and we get to pay for 2 root canals.

ugh. so the count is:

referrals: 6
root canals: 0

please let the next time be our last.

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*posts will be few & far between since we are mid-move & we won’t have internet access until next week.

that blasted tooth

6 Jun

for over a week we’ve known that jillianne has needed a root canal on that front tooth (which i now know is #9 {#9…#9…#9})

after her 2 month check up on the #9 tooth, it was clear that she had to have a root canal. we called the referred endodontist who doesn’t happen to service kids under 12, but they referred us to another office in their group who does work with 8 year olds.

referrals: 2, root canals: 0

we went to that appointment on tuesday, where the endodontist confirmed that the nerve was dead and she did, indeed, need a root canal. BUT they don’t premedicate, so they referred us to another office that is 45 minutes from our house.

referrals: 3, root canals: 0

did you know it was this hard to find a pediatric endodontist? in a city with 4.3 million people? and did you know that some endodontists (you know, those people who drill into the center of your tooth? where the nerve is? repeatedly?!?) don’t use any pre-medication?

on kids!?!?!

we decided to call our dentist and see if they had any other recommendations since we were going to have to go to the really-far-away endodontist for yet another consultation before we could even have the procedure done. two days of driving, just driving for an hour and a half is just too much.

they gave me a number. i called. no dice. they see kids, but don’t use pre-medication.

referrals: 4, root canals: 0

when i called our dentist, yet again, the lovely gal at the front desk got on the horn for me and called around. she called me about 30 minutes later with a referral who worked with kids (score!) and, more importantly, uses nitrous. (double score!) the best part was that they could get us in that afternoon for a consultation and possible root canal. (triple score!)

referrals: 5, root canals: 0

this endodontist told us that, not only, was the nerve dead, but there was an abscess, as is evident in the x-ray:

x-ray on #9
that’s a big abscess

he said we could start today, but it may take 2 visits. i wasn’t sure why, but went along with him, hoping that we could have this behind us as quickly as possible.

yea, right.

the hygenist quickly set her up with the nitrous and we waited patiently for a very scared 8 year old to be in a frame of mind to have someone drill on her tooth.
ready as she'll ever be
here she is with the mask on.

and here’s her tooth isolated so they don’t fool with anything else. it’s kinda cool that they can do that.

the tooth is isolated
ready to get to work

he used approximately 472 different drill bits to work on cleaning out the canal and explained it to her by saying it was like brushing the inside of her tooth. she was clearly uncomfortable and kept flinching ever so slightly when he would drill. when she moved he had to stop so he didn’t hurt her, but we got her to keep her head still finally. she still had some pain when he drilled deeper into the root, which was a little troubling. he gave her a third shot of novocaine directly into the root canal and told me that if that didn’t work we’d have to finish another day. while we waited a moment for the meds to kick in, he mentioned that she was possibly having a panic attack, which i didn’t pick up on. was she scared out of her gourd? yes, undoubtedly, but i wouldn’t have thought she was on the verge of a panic attack. then again, i’ve never seen anyone having a panic attack.

he kept working and we quickly realized he was going to have to wrap up for the day and reschedule for another day. her pain just couldn’t be managed.

once they took another x-ray on the hollowed out canal, we turned off the nitrous and i thought she was going to pass out. her eyes rolled back 3 or 4 times and she told me she was really sleepy, but it quickly went away and she was just dazed.

we checked out with a new appointment in 2 weeks and a prescription for a strong antibiotic for the infection. turns out the abscess is so infected that the novocaine wasn’t working. we’ll try to get her healed a bit and come back when the infection has had time to calm down. we will also pick up a mild sedative the day of her next appointment which should practically put her out so that they can work without worrying about her moving.

i’ll be asking for a liquid sedative since we’ve had a horrible time with the penicillin in pill form.

she’s been chewing them up.


she refuses to swallow them with water or food, so i let her. i just need them in there so she can get better and we can put this behind us.

and while we might not get this smile back

teeth before

we’ll get a healthy one that won’t need anymore work done on it.

until she gets braces.

oh, yes. she’ll need braces to line up the tooth someday. the endodontist told me so.


referrals: 5, root canals: 1/2

to be continued…

timeline of the tooth

22 Feb

wednesday night was the first time i had a chance to shove my camera in jilly’s face. i’ve got some kinda close-ups of her mouth here, so if you wouldn’t like that, don’t look.

day 1, no tooth
the mouf

day 1, smile
at least she’s happy, right?

day 2, duh
after the dentist

day 2, close-up
the gaps crack me up.

day 5, gaps
and yesterday

day 5, grin
all better (at least, i can tell myself that)

things could have been much much worse & i thank my lucky stars we lost just a tooth.

oh, what an unconscious morning

17 Feb

well, it’s been an interesting wednesday. just after waking up, jilly took her first bite of rice krispies and her already loose tooth disconnected even further and started bleeding. i grabbed a tissue to clean it and check it. before i could get near her mouth, she fell.

flat on her face.

right in front of me.

it was so fast, i couldn’t stop her. one minute she was up and looking at me & the next she was down.

once i realized what happened, i scooped her up and she immediately stiffened. we went to the couch & she opened her mouth. there was a gap in there.

a new gap.

not where the baby tooth was, but where her front adult tooth was.


her sister found a tooth on the ground, but it ended up being a different baby tooth, and not the one we were originally looking at wiggling. at least it was another baby tooth, right?

she asked to go to the bathroom, so i carried her to her daddy, who was already there getting ready for work. i ran to the other bathroom to grab the tylenol. halfway back to her, i had to get down on the ground and asked scout to take the tylenol to daddy.

and i promptly passed out on the kitchen floor.

i have no idea how long i was out, but it seemed like about 5 or 10 minutes. when i did finally get up, jilly was already in bed and aunt lou was on her way over to help out with the morning routine.

it was only 6:40 am, so i called the pediatricians after hours line and the dentist. the ped. nurse called back 25 minutes later and recommended we take her to the ER. daddyjay loaded her and her sister up, took scoutie to school and headed to the hospital. just after they left, the dentist called me and said they may need to seal the tooth section that was still left. it was a clean break right at the gum line and he was worried that the nerve may be exposed.

shortly after, i felt good enough to get up and have some coffee and toast. i looked around on the ground for the missing tooth since we didn’t see it earlier. i found it behind where she fell and popped it in a bag of ice, since the ER doc recommended we do that.

daddyjay and jilly came home from the ER after about an hour (which was really impressive timing for an emergency room visit) and she rested a bit before heading to the dentist at 9.

she had the tooth sealed by the orthodontist since the dentist wasn’t coming in until the afternoon. once he comes in today, he’s going to evaluate the tooth and decided how we’re going to move forward. it could go 50/50 whether he reattaches her tooth or a fake one.

poor thing can barely talk, is not interested in food, and is in total shock. although the ped. nurse was originally worried about a head injury or concussion, i was pretty sure she didn’t have anything of the sort since i watched her fall flat on her mouth.

and now i have to stop talking about it since i get woozy every time i think about it.

i’ll keep you posted.