*this started as a post and i just transferred it to a separate page so i can see it and add to it at will.

i was looking at some portraits yesterday morning by chookooloonks and thought to myself, “self, you really, really want one of those.” then, it got me thinking about having that as a goal, no, a number on my lifelist. so i started thinking about the other things i’d like to accomplish before this life ends. i’m gonna start and add to it whenever i come up with something new.

1. have my portrait taken by karen of chookooloonks. have you seen what she does? she’s ah-maze-ing!
2. make another album of the music i love to sing and write. hopefully, i can get the bestie & dapa to help
3. visit every state in the u.s.
4. take the kids to washington d.c.
5. have an extended vacation in europe with my husband
5. open an etsy shop
6. take a photography class or 5
7. learn to make patterns and drape
8. run a mini-triathalon
9. run the river to river relay again
10. eat at french laundry
11. join a masters swim program
12. volunteer at my kids’ school on a weekly basis
13. relearn french
14. learn spanish
15. a shopping spree in l.a. with the chic rebecca woolf of girlsgonechild. (and then persuade her to be my bff)
16. have a house with a brick floor in one room, preferably the mud room
17. go to blogher at least once
18. have picture taken with matt’s robot
19. learn how to put makeup on so that it looks good
20. only own clothes that i’ll wear
21. have ryan marshall catch me dancing/being goofy at sparklecorn
22. get a kids song on a future volume of “do fun stuff”
23. run in the ragnar relay
24. try to surf

i’ll add to this short list as i think of new activities and adventures.

what do you want to do before you go?


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