100 things

1. my dad delivered me
2. my doctor was late
3. i’m a middle child, but you’d never know it
4. if you believe that i’ve got a bridge to sell you
5. daddjay is also a middle child, so we have 4 kids b/c we didn’t want 3 and have a middle child
6. guess who screwed that up by having twins?
7. yep, the boy will be the middle child.
8. we don’t know whether the girls are identical or fraternal (anyone wanna buy me a dna test?)
9. being identical or fraternal won’t change anything…i just want to know
10. i was induced at 38 weeks with the girls b/c my blood pressure was scary and they thought jeebs weighed 4 lbs.
11. she ended up at 5 lb 4 oz and swayzer was 7 lbs 3 oz
12. the boy was induced on good friday at 39 weeks and 6 days
13. he was 8 lbs 8 oz
14. miss james would have none of that induction crap. she came a week and a half early on her own
15. all of my kids have been named after someone in our family
16. all 4 kids also have at least one unusual name that we just liked.
17. the boy has 2 unusual names
18. i used to be a music teacher
19. and special education teacher
20. i don’t miss it for a second
21. especially the paperwork
22. i love to sing
23. i was in a band in college
24. that band made a cd called…wait for it…”butterflies when you throw it”
25. i did not come up with that
26. or the band name
27. i have a name picked out for a new band that i like much much better
28. i majored in music education
29. i’m trying to get back into the habit of singing a little bit
30. i’ve missed singing a lot
31. i don’t play the guitar well
32. my favorite composer is johann sebastian bach
33. my favorite composition of his is the goldberg variations
34. especially when played by glenn gould (dude hums when he plays and you can hear it at about 1:38)
35. my favorite musical composer is stephen sondheim
36. sweeney todd is my favorite musical
37. i’d like to audition for musicals when my babies are older
38. i’d also like to join community chorus
39. i have 2 tattoos
40. i want at least one more
41. i also want to move back to austin. retire, perhaps
42. it’s my favorite place – even better than the beach
43. although i wouldn’t sneeze at having a second home on the beach
44. my dad has won the lottery twice. it’s like his second third job
45. he’s also been the coroner of his county for 24 years, but is done in 5 days
46. my mom is excited about the finality of his coronership (is that even a word?)
47. she often takes the middle of the night calls
48. she’s a nurse
49. and nursing professor
50. and alarm clock
51. and driver
52. and all-around great mom/mimi
53. enough about them…this is about me, me me!
54. my favorite color is yellow (totally had those!)
55. green is a close second, and is threatening to take over
56. i make fabulous halloween costumes
57. i usually make (sew or embroider) gifts
58. i may open an etsy shop someday
59. i’m trying to make all of our holiday stuff
60. speaking of holidays – we get to celebrate christmas & hannukah
61. i like to call it chrannukah
62. i’m not jewish
63. daddyjay and the kids are jewish
64. daddyjay and i have been married twice
65. to each other
66. we hope to get married at least once more on a beach in the tropics
67. hopefully somewhere that we can eat coconut crab
68. my favorite food is my maw maw b’s chicken and dumplings
69. or pizza
70. or sushi
71. i believe that dessert can not be called so without chocolate
72. my best friend has been my best friend since 5th grade and i have the home movies to prove it
73. we were ridiculous children
74. i was an even more ridiculous teenager
75. i’ve got it coming in spades
76. i love algebra
77. my semester grades were always above 100% because of extra credit
78. i was voted “worst case of senioritis” my senior year of high school
79. i was captain of the dance team that year
80. there are videos out there that showcase my dance team adventures
81. i was a thespian! (always said with a shakespearean tone)
82. during red ribbon week i was chosen as the thespian to representative to let a balloon fly at halftime of the football game. i was drunk. i’m not proud
83. i used to fill a huck’s 32 oz. bigg swigg with ice, 3/4 mountain dew and top it off with vodka. it sounds disgusting now
84. i love dark beer
85. i’m interested in absinthe
86. i’m in the process of greening my home
87. so far i’ve got my cleaners and soaps taken care of
88. i recycle everything. even the tags on clothing
89. i bring my parents’ recycling items home with me
90. when we went to north carolina for my cousin’s wedding i kept every recyclable item and brought it home
91. my favorite season is summer
92. i love the pool and can’t wait to have one at home someday
93. my favorite (paid) job was as a lifeguard
93. i used to be a competitive swimmer
94. backstroke
95. i love j. crew
96. but will not pay full price for anything there (i mean seriously $70 for cotton pj’s!?!?)
97. if i decide not to open an etsy shop, i’ll work at j. crew
98. i adore vintage clothing more than j. crew
100. i can’t wait to stop wearing bras again


One Response to “100 things”

  1. Megan October 2, 2009 at 10:57 am #

    I love this list! So many things made me smile.

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